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5 Ways To Save On Your 2015 Weight-loss Goals - Yahoo News

Once you've proven your commitment for a few months, consider signing a monthly contract . But if you fall off the fitness wagon, make sure your gym will allow you to cancel the automatic payments without penalty. 2. Cook more. Diets are expensive -- especially those that require special foods. It's also tempting to hit up the local health food cafe for your lunch or buy frozen low-calorie meals, but these will lighten your wallet. Instead, start cooking. Eating out is associated with less weight loss, and cooking gives you the opportunity to control what goes into your food, your portion sizes and how much you spend.
Full story: check this out href='http://news.yahoo.com/5-ways-save-2015-weight-loss-goals-203343430.html' >http://news.yahoo.com/5-ways-save-2015-weight-loss-goals-203343430.html

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